Friday, October 3, 2008

My First Blog..

Ok.. I am finally writing something for my blog page. Sorry guys. I know you guys have been pestering me for a while to start my own blog and I too, had promised to set up my blog page too. But due to some unknown reasons, I never tried setting up my blog. 

However, after seeing that Wei Ren had set up his blog, and that Wei Ren is actually being responsible & keeping his promise to you guys, I decided (or rather was charged) to set up my blog page. I guess 'blogging' has now become part of my responsibility: (i) to inform you guys, my beloved friends, about how I'm doing in the US  and (ii) to have a written record of interesting stuffs that happen to me during my 4 years here in the US.

Hmmm... I guess I had turn 'blogging' into some sort of serious business here, for me..  >.< .. However, don't fret guys, although I sound reluctant to write my blog posts, I will definitely try my best to keep my blog updated (I know what you guys are thinking right now...  OK la.. I will try, OK? ) and keep my blog page as interesting as possible. 

Well, I guess there are some reasons behind the fact that I don't set up my blog. I'm not trying to make excuses or anything.. I guess I'm just trying to explain myself better. And btw, DONT JUDGE ME. Here are the reasons :- 
-> One:      I very malu of my English. 
-> Two:     I'm worry that people would judge me through my writing.
-> Three:  My mum always pestered me to start a diary since I was in elementary school. >.<

* Despite that, here was one of my attempts to start my diary when I was young. Guess I failed, huh? *
Cited: [Online] Available

--> Four:   I can't think of anything more.. 

Ok. I guess I'm running out of writing juices... I guess this is a great start. At least I'm writing something, right? Just to let you guys know, I am fine here. For those who doesn't know where I am studying at, I'm studying at Carnegie Mellon University. CMU in short. 

I am fine here and enjoying myself here. There are tons of stuffs to do everyday (plus, there is 'banyak perempuan cantik di sini <--- jangan bagi orang putih tahu saya cakap apa. shh.' also). I'm sorry I couldn't take pictures of the events that I have participated. But I promise I will get a camera soon. 

Anyway, here's are some pictures of CMU:


Here are some pictures of me here in CMU: 

Ok. I guess that's it. Just wait for my next blog... 

- Yi Xiang